Our mission is in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals

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About us

Alterum assists public and private organizations in decarbonizing their activities. Its aggregated cloud-based platform for the analysis of environmental and energy data allows cities and businesses to develop and complete their decarbonisation plans.

The fight against climate change requires rapidly and massively deploying solutions, especially technological solutions, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GGE). Subject to economic profitability constraints, organizations must develop their own decarbonisation plans which are not only technically feasible but economically sustainable, in a context in which prices, greenhouse gasses emissions trading and technologies are constantly changing. Above all, this involves quantifying greenhouse gas emissions.

Alterum features a cloud-based energy data and environmental analysis tool and a decarbonisation support tool so organizations can be properly equipped to act. 

The Alterum platform allows measuring one’s environmental and energy footprint. Calculation automation and dashboard production allows rapidly identifying projects that can improve environmental performance in addition to the financial performance of organizations.

Counselling Services
In addition to helping clients measure their environmental footprint, the Alterum team supports organizations in the strategic and financial planning for their decarbonisation plan by helping them obtain all the financial assistance to which they are entitled.