We accelerate energy transition by simplifying collaboration among professionals

Our story

Smart Grid to Business (SG2B) was created in 2014 to improve power system planning at a time when distributed energy resources, like solar, battery and smart loads were challenging the way we plan, we price and we commercialize electricity. 

After our first microgrid software launch (NIMBEE), we came to the conclusion that energy planning lacks  collaboration between consultant, communities and network professionals. We notice that the same data collection, the same study was done over and over and never get past the pre-feasibility stage to engineering, financing and construction.

To solve this problem, we developed Alterum, a web platform to connect professionnals from all horizons to gather information, share with collaborators, analyse and get the right project off the ground.

Our team

David Beauvais, P. Eng, mpa - President and CTO

  • Entrepreneur passionated about energy transition 
  • 20 years of experience in grid planning and modernization
  • Canadian delegate at the International Energy Agency on smart grids (ISGAN) from 2011 to 2014 - Smart Grid Canada Award in 2011
  • +$300M investment in electrical infrastructures, grid automation and integration of renewable energy on grids/microgrids

Ankush Kapur, MSc - VP - Software Engineering 

  • Technical leader passionnated by team-based problem solving
  • Master in computer science from the University of Buffalo, in the New York state, US
  • More than 10 years in development of micro-services and big data applications
  • Worked in multiple industry areas : cyber-security, legal medecine, energy management, greenhouse gases reporting  
Jonathan Poirier - Director of Product

  • Social entrepreneur 
  • More than 20 years of Product management experience
  • Launched two startups, including a specialized software development agency
  • In charge of building a great user experience for all our users
Fabien Maistre, Engineer jr., MSc.

  • Mechanical engineer with an energy transition speciality
  • Preparation of 75 decarbonation plan for remote communities of Canada
  • Electrification of transportation studies and analysis
  • Heating system conversion to renewable energy
  • Greenhouse gases reporting for businesses and communities
Alex Watson, MSc - Software developer

  • Master in computer science from the University  of New Brunswick
  • Full-stack software development
  • Qualified in big data queries
  • Preparation of complex power system planning scripts
Antoine Savage, BSc - Analyst

  • Undergrad in mathematics and statistics  
  • Development of microgrid optimization scripts
  • Statistical analysis and forecasting of electric vehicles impact on assets
  • Multiple variable analysis for energy demand forecast
Leo Mendoza, BSc - Developer

Leo Mendoza
  • Undergrad in software engineering from the Costa-Rica technological institute
  • Specialized in web-based application tools
  • Work experience in both startup and large businesses
Didier Tapie - Director Sales and Marketing

Didier Tapie-1
  • More than 20 years of experience as entrepreneur  
  • Sales of industrial machinery
  • Experience in biogaz plant operation
  • Patent on oil spill removal engine