Eco-Responsible Businesses

Improve your environmental footprint

Corporate social responsibility is reflected in concrete actions to protect the environment. It's not just about reducing your own emissions, but also demanding more from your suppliers and employees. The journey to transform our economy and make it more sustainable has begun. Do you have your Plan?

Alterum supports you in the creation of your Decarbonation Plan

  • Technical and economic evaluation of several reduction opportunities
  • Carbon neutral target
  • Best project selection 

See how to implement your decarbonation plan with Alterum

Abatement Curve - Alterum

A Decarbonation Plan focused on asset management

Organize all of your organization's information by buildings, equipment and fuels. Get an overview of your emissions, energy and costs. Invite contractors to bid so you're ready to convert your assets as soon as they reach end-of-life. Reduce or give a second life to your waste by tracking volume. All this within the same platform. 

Start with your complete GHG inventory

  • GHG assessment of your buildings, vehicles (Scope 1 and 2), waste and activities (Scope 3)
  • Energy management in buildings according to ISO 50 001 standard
  • Annual reporting and information sharing with your employees and collaborators

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Project to reduce your carbon footprint

Electrification of Transportation

Technical and economic assessment of the potential to convert a commercial fleet to electricity.

  • Evaluate existing equipment
  • Identify daily usage
  • Assess charging needs
  • Calculate Cost and GHG reduction potential

District Heating System

Technical and economic assessment of biomass integration in a heating network.

  • Assessment of future energy demand
  • Comparison with a no-action scenario
  • Integration biomass
  • Equipment optimisation
  • Calculate cost and GHG reduction potential

Evaluate solar energy potential

Technical and economic assessment of solar energy integration in a building energy system.

  • Solar potential assessment for the selected sites
  • Cost and GHG reduction calculations
  • Comparison of several technologies
Solar Panels

Microgrid planning

Technical and economic assessment to integrate renewable energy onto a electricity grid. 

  • Evaluate energy demand 
  • Simulate solar, wind and hydro energy
  • Energy storage
  • Equipment optimisation
  • Calculate cost and GHG reduction potential

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