Decarbonization Plan

Decarbonization Plan

Alterum assists you in creating a decarbonation plan for your company.

  • Technical and economic assessment of several reduction opportunities
  • Carbon-neutral goal
  • Compare and choose best projects
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Create your decarbonization plan with our expertise reports 

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Electrification of Transportation

Technical and economic assessment of the potential to convert a commercial fleet to electricity.

  • Evaluate existing equipment
  • Identify daily usage
  • Assess charging needs
  • Calculate Cost and GHG reduction potential

Microgrid planning

Technical and economic assessment to integrate renewable energy onto a electricity grid. 

  • Evaluate energy demand 
  • Simulate solar, wind and hydro energy
  • Energy storage
  • Equipment optimisation
  • Calculate cost and GHG reduction potential

Demand side management

Technical and economic assessment of multiple energy peak reduction scenarios on a network.
  • Hourly energy demand modeling
  • Electrical or thermal energy storage
  • Voluntary load shedding
  • Dual energy
  • Avoided Cost calculation
  • Potential to reduce congestion

Peak power management for smart buildings

Technical and economic assessment of electrification, self-production and peak energy reduction for buildings.
  • Hourly energy demand modeling
  • Heating and transport electrification
  • Self-generation and energy storage
  • Peak reduction scenario 
  • Return on investment and avoided GHG 

District Heating System

Technical and economic assessment of biomass integration in a heating network.
  • Assessment of future energy demand
  • Comparison with a no-action scenario
  • Integration biomass
  • Equipment optimisation
  • Calculate cost and GHG reduction potential

Evaluate solar energy potential

Technical and economic assessment of solar energy integration in a building energy system.

  • Solar potential assessment for the selected sites
  • Cost and GHG reduction calculations
  • Comparison of several technologies
Solar Panels

Community and corporate energy and emissions profile

Discover the energy and emissions profile of your city or business park to explore GHG reduction opportunities. 

Community inventory : 

  • Emissions inventory for the residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors
  • Inventory available on a city, regional or provincial scale
  • Inventory based on the best available official data

Corporative inventory :

  • Get the list of companies in the area by size
  • Energy and Emissions Inventory by NAICS Code
Wind Farm

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