Local Governance, Global Impact

Evaluate, Mobilize, Act 

Local governments are at the forefront of the fight to limit global warming and to mitigate the consequences of its changes. By gathering energy and emission information throughout their territory, they can act for the better of their citizens and businesses and reveal themselves as the true leaders of climate action.

Alterum, the first collaborative climate action platform 

Having a plan is great, but putting it into action requires Analysis, Mobilization and Implementation is better. Alterum offers local governments to:
  • Have a complete picture of their local energy and emissions
  • Implement a climate action plan and get it subsidized.
  • Engage the community, offering targeted programs or partnering with utilities
  • Collaborate in the creation of large-scale projects or major structural changes  


A Global Goal

Achieving carbon neutrality means that an individual, an organization or a government emits GHG as much as it absorbs. This requires a great effort to reduce emissions that can only be achieved through collaboration at all levels.

Achieving carbon neutrality requires a clear vision of the city's emissions in order to plan and support reduction actions.

Decarbonization Plan

Alterum accompanies you in the creation of your local decarbonation plan. 

  • Comprehensive GHG inventory
  • Carbon neutral target
  • Technical and economic evaluation of several reduction opportunities
  • Selection of the best projects

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