Peak demand reduction planning



Alterum offers peak demand reduction and network planning support to increase benefits of energy system



Demand forecast

Develop a plan to strengthen the network by investing in assets at the best time.

  • Forecasting at city or community level
  • Technology adoption scenario for the 0 to 15 year horizon.
  • Overloaded capacity scenario

Power quality

Avoiding outages and network operation cost overruns.

  • Transformers and other electrical equipment modeling
  • Modélisation des transformateurs et autres équipements électriques
  • Calculation of electrical power flow through the network
  • Outages evaluation

Peak demand reduction

Reduce energy purchase costs

  • Power demand management scenario simulation
  • Distributed energy resources simulation
  • Aggregation of resources in a same platform.

Develop your aggregation service with Alterum

Benefit from an integrated platform and service to reduce your network operation costs.
  • Building portfolio
  • Energy resources list
  • Performance measurement and monitoring

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