Our platform helps you to save on your study costs and on tracking of your goals

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A concrete and quantified plan towards carbon neutrality

The platform enables an alignment of your sustainability objectives with your financial planning and ensures the compliance of the information.

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Facilitate sustainable development

The platform presents the GHG inventory and a decarbonisation plan that quantify the identified actions.

Anticipate financial resources

The plan's cost estimation allows to forecast budgets and to compare the financial performance of projects.

Performance indicators at a glance

KPI transportation


All your buildings, vehicles, equipments, waste and supplies with their emissions


All your assets in one workspace to facilitate your productivity analysis.


Information about the usages of your assets to track their utilization.


Comprehensive tracking of electricity, fossil fuel and renewable energy costs.

Detailed graphs and structured data to understand the impact of the selected actions

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Dedicated access to protect and manage information

Dashboard and worksapce


The information is categorised by province or department to meet your management needs.


Professional may be invited to update the information on specific assets.

Admin and guest access

A responsible member of your organisation can invite colleagues, employees and partners to view the information.

The information structure is aligned with recognised standards for greenhouse gas inventory (ISO 14 064-2), energy monitoring (ISO 50 001) and climate risk management indicators (TCFD).


An information network that grows with each user

Share your data in read-only mode with your partners, customers and suppliers and contribute to the improvement of your organisation's direct and indirect greenhouse gas inventory.


Measure your energy productivity now