A Collaborative Climate Action Platform





Collect and structure information faster

�� Data Blocks@2x v3


Invite your clients, colleagues and partners into your workspace.


Get access to localized energy and emission data.


See an activity log of all data modifications by the team.

Receive targeted information

E&E Profile Report


All your assets in the same workspace for individual or group analysis. 

Expertise-driven reports

Share energy & emission, asset replacement, future energy cost report to each person in charge.

Dynamic Dashboard

Follow your improvements with Key Peformance Indicators (KPIs)

Analyse and identify opportunities

Mckenzie Curve


Visualization of energy, emission and costs flows down to final equipement.


Collabore in identifying sustainable projects based on equipment turover and budgets.

Carboneutrality Strategy

Develop and follow your carbon reduction strategy.

Forecast of costs and emissions

Anticipate future cost  driven by carbon taxes or liability.

A technology designed for everyone

Our unique technology allows you to simulate the impact of an equipment on both a building and the energy network to which the building is connected.

Take advantage of fast and accurate data collection and create detailed asset and analysis reports for a company, a city or a network to generate relevant information for every decision maker.

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