Our Team

David Beauvais, P. Eng, mpa - President and Founder

David - Alterum - 1-1
  • Entrepreneur passionated about energy transition 
  • 20 years of experience in grid planning and modernization
  • Canadian delegate at the International Energy Agency on smart grids (ISGAN) from 2011 to 2014 - Smart Grid Canada Award in 2011
  • +$300M investment in electrical infrastructures, grid automation and integration of renewable energy on grids/microgrids
Hon. Christian Paradis, C.P., P.C., LL.B. - Strategic Advisor

  • Lawyer and strategic advisor
  • 20 years of management experience in the public and private sectors
  • 9 years as deputy and minister of industry, natural resources, international development and public work
  • Experience in advising young healthcare and cybersecurity software companies

Jean François Thibault, ing., M. Sc - Director Strategy and Consulting

Jean-François - Alterum-2
  • Engineer and manager
  • 7 years of experience as strategic advisor to energy and environment executives & entrepreneurs
  • greenhouse gases reporting
  • Extensive business network within the Canadian energy and consulting engineering sectors
  • Master of Science in Management (M. Sc.), specialization in management with honors from HEC Montréal
Fabien Maistre, Engineer PRT., M. ing.

  • Mechanical Engineer PRT with an energy transition speciality
  • Preparation of 75 decarbonation plan for remote communities of Canada
  • Electrification of transportation studies and analysis
  • Heating system conversion to renewable energy
  • Greenhouse gases reporting for businesses and communities
Alex Watson, MSc - Software developer

  • Master in computer science from the University  of New Brunswick
  • Full-stack software development
  • Qualified in big data queries
  • Preparation of complex power system planning scripts
Antoine Savage, BSc - Analyst

  • Undergrad in mathematics and statistics  
  • Development of microgrid optimization scripts
  • Statistical analysis and forecasting of electric vehicles impact on assets
  • Multiple variable analysis for energy demand forecast
Leo Mendoza, BSc - Developer

Leo Mendoza
  • Undergrad in software engineering from the Costa-Rica technological institute
  • Specialized in web-based application tools
  • Work experience in both startup and large businesses
Sébastien Burlet, Intern

sébastien burlet
  • Undergrad in mechanical engineering in France
  • Specialized in energy transition
  • Experience in decarbonation plan