Reduce the carbon footprint of your assets at a lower cost

Alterum helps public and private organizations to decarbonize their activities. With an agile service and a cloud-based platform for aggregating and analyzing environmental and energy data, Alterum helps cities and businesses to develop and implement their decarbonization plans.

A GHG inventory that meets your needs

Alterum accelerates the preparation of GHG inventories through a user-friendly interface and collaboration between users

  • Gather energy and emissions data (Scope 1,2 and 3)
  • Report your information based on international standards
  • Identify localized, high value and affordable opportunity to reduce GHG
  • Track progress 

Focus on the essentials with a GHG inventory that adapts to your needs

Our data structure is modular and allows you to select only the data you want to work on 




Employee Commuting

And more!

Save time with an automated decarbonization plan

Our technology consolidates information and recommends the best investments

  • Cost of new technologies
  • Subsidies programs
  • Energy and carbon market information
  • Evolution of the electricity emission factors
Overview Target@2x (1)-1

Compliant with the best international standards

Data architecture and reporting templates that meet current standards


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