Reduce Carbon.

Save Costs.

Dashboard and worksapce

Alterum solution

A all-in-one solution to track your economic and environnemental performances

Take full advantage of a dynamic dashboard and expert advice to reduce your energy cost and your emissions


Dashboard transportation

An intuitive web portal to visualize automated recommendation 


A network of certified partners to support your management team and your employees

Visualise your GHG profile in the platform

Save time and reduce your costs with an automated plan

Alterum's technology automates GHG profile information and recommends investments to reduce energy costs and GHG emissions. Yes it's AI, but supervized and trained by our engineering team and partners. 

Vehicle and light truck purchase

Purchase of solar, heating and off-peak charging equipment


Purchase of heavy trucks and other motorised equipment

Renewable natural gas purchase

Virtual Power Plants

Track your energy efficiency improvement 

Alterum's technology brings together energy and environmental performance indicators in order to allow an entire organisation and their suppliers to work on improving their environmental business practices

Courbe d'abatement

Save on updating corporate information 


They trusted us

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