All-in-one solution to plan energy and emissions reduction

Alterum provides sound management in reaching your carbon neutral goals.

We support the financial management team of organisations in structuring their climate action through the implementation of an asset management process that considers greenhouse gas reduction targets.

  • GHG inventory and relevant performance indicators
  • Assessment of the Techno-Economic Potential (TEP) of opportunities
  • Planning budgets and decision-support tools
  • Cost control and performance benchmark

report sectionPreparation of the GHG inventory, recording of carbon offsets and calculation of performance indicators for physical assets.

Mckenzie Curve
Analysis of energy options, technologies and attractive energy tariffs with a presentation of the results.

Overview Target@2x (1)-1Preparation of the decision files and GHG reduction plan update following the budget choices.
EE Profile@2x v4Cost and project performance control evaluation. Comparaison with similar industry performance and local objectives.

Our simulation technology optimises investment choices using artificial intelligence with expert advice


The optimal investment choice is the result of computing the billing information of energy suppliers and the full costs of equipment, fuels and technologies. 

Project creation - Frame 19-1

Integrated energy planning and multi-criteria analysis of energy cost scenarios and emission sources


Consideration of the spatial location of assets in the scenarios analysis.

PV hourly production
Take into account the hourly variability of energy production data to guarantee the reliability of the renewable energy supply
Yearly Electricity demand
Analysis of future energy profiles in order to meet the capacity limits of electrical installations as equipment is added.

We integrate all the tangible assets allowing a full assessment of scenarios

Alterum and its partners collaborate on the yearly control of your carbon neutrality plan

Alterum's team and its network of Certified Partners collect, share and disclose information to your management team and conduct effective communications with employees.

Logging information in the Alterum Platform

The data collection and entry into the Alterum platform is supported by our team and our partners.

Follow-up with the management team

The presentation of the study results and pre-budget meetings are organised.

Employee training and communication

Actions from the decarbonisation plan are presented to employees and partners.

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Some of our achievements

Transport Electrification

Réseau de Transport de Longueuil (RTL)

Technical and economic evaluation of the GHG, kW and energy impact of bus electrification and calculation of the optimal number of charging stations to reduce electricity costs.

Untitled presentation

Virtual Power Plant

Smart Grid Innovation Network 

Assisting more than 30 companies to develop software interfaces and to integrate into automated electricity demand management systems.

GHG Inventory

Ville de Terrebonne

Preparation of the 2021 Inventory, integration of previous data and collaboration on the development of a climate action platform for municipalities.
image wood pellet

Assessment of the transport, the supply and the conversion from heating oil to wood pellets

Yab Management

Evaluation of the potential of wood pellets to replace heating oil in northern and autonomous communities.

Charging station installation plan

Rosemère municipality

Evaluation of municipal sites and selection of the location for electric vehicle charging stations.


Micro grid

Federal government 

Automated preparation of energy and emissions profils and decarbonisation plans for villages powered by diesel for electricity and oil for heating.

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