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Accelerate your clients' decarbonization and optimize your assets

Do your customers want GHG inventories and to adopt clean technologies?  Do you need to manage demand growth and avoid congestion?

What if you could increase visibility on new equipment to be connected and propose the best technologies?

Vision Alterum (en)

Community-based planning

Alterum differentiates itself by its approach of planning that takes into account the reality of each local government and the buildings that compose it. The platform brings together buildings, cities and your network in a consistent whole. Alterum adapts to local particularities in offering :
  • A different energy and emissions profile for each Canadian municipality
  • An action plan specific to the realities of each community
  • An assessment of the conversion potential of buildings or equipment in your network
  • A detailed view of specific buildings involved in demand side management

An integrated and detailed view

Alterum platform allows energy distributors to discover what their customers are planning to do to decarbonize their operations. The network then has a global vision allowing it to:

  • See the potential for energy sales in a community
  • Promote clean technology adoption programs
  • Plan investments that benefit the environment and the network

GHG assessment and project aggregation in a unique platform 

Benefit from an integrated platform and service to reduce costs for your customers and your network.
  • Building portfolio
  • List of energy resources
  • Performance tracking and monitoring.

We offer the platform and expertise to better plan your network 

Demand forecast

Develop a plan to strengthen the network by investing in assets at the best time.

  • Forecasting at city or community level
  • Technology adoption scenario for the 0 to 15 year horizon.
  • Overloaded capacity scenario
  • Evaluation of supply costs with a carbon tax

Network optimization

Improve energy transit and reduce losses. Ensure grid reliability with more and more load-shedding electrical equipment. 

  • Modeling of transformers and other electrical equipment
  • Calculation of electrical power flow through the network
  • Preparation of contingency plans for load recovery

Peak demand reduction

Offer the best technologies to your customers to reduce peak costs. Offer your customers a GHG reduction and decarbonization plan. 

  • Power demand management scenario simulation
  • Distributed energy resources simulation
  • Aggregation of resources in a same platform

Our work


Case Study - CIRNAC

Simulation of 74 microgrids in Arctic communities of Northern Canada

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